2010 Malacca trip.

Friday, December 31, 2010

I go to Malacca almost every year to eat, eat, eat. :pandaGeli_32:

But I have never really shared on the interesting events that happened there and what I find yummy. So I shall!

Okay, we left home at 8 something...

We took a de-tour because my hungry, persistant brother wanted to get a McMuffin from McDonalds. So, we did :)

And once we reached Malacca, we ate at one of Malacca's most famous chicken rice balls. We eat here every single time we visit Malacca. Yup, it's that good. Fortunately, when we went there, there weren't many people because it wasn't really lunch time yet.

It was so good, we ordered some more. Hah.

And when we passed by the restaurant an hour or two later, there was a long line of people waiting to enter the restaurant to eat those awesome chicken rice balls.

Next, we walked along Jonker Street and I bought some bookmarks while my mum bought TONS of noodles and other stuff.
I was walking..... and then I saw someone sporting a "House" T-shirt:

Eeeek, I really want one because I love House M.D :pandaGeli_09: So I killed the woman and stole her shirt. It looks like a really cool shirt!

Anyways, we reached our next stop, Jonker 88.

Lol, this is another place we eat at every time we come to Malacca. They sell lots of things here. It's like a mini food court.

The interior looks really old and traditional. Very unique ;)

They sell cendol and ice kacang.

And let me warn you.... do NOT think that the more ingredients you add in, the tastier it will be. That's what I thought, and I was wrong. The end result? The ice kacang was too sweet. I felt like I was going to get diabetes right there and then. I kinda lost my appetite for anything else. Lol, I needed water, but my brother drank all of it from my water bottle before we reached Jonker 88.

Besides desserts, they also sell fried stuff and fishballs. Those are yummy.

We were pretty bloated after that!

So, we walked around to ease digestion (or something like that). My dad passed by this place full of grass and nice little pink flowers. He did a double take, and decided to check it out. We were at Hang Jebat's Mausoleum :pandaGeli_06: Yeah, we've been here so many times and yet, we never noticed this. Frea-ky.

Another place we ALWAYS visit when we're at Malacca, Christ Church and A' Famosa. I've probably been here dozens of times.

Oh yeah, and my mum went picture crazy :mCamera: She wanted to show off her photography skills (but she doesn't know how to use a DSLR and I had to teach her o.O) :P But in the end, she did take some nice pictures. She keeps giving me advice about how I should take it from this or that angle. And she says she looks fat in every picture I take of her. I keep telling her it's not my camera's fault! :pandaGeli_13:

Here lies someone who I forgot....

Hmmm, where's the dude's hand? :mThinking:

Yeah after taking a lottt of pictures, we decided to check in the hotel.

And we passed by the set of The Little Nyonya (that Singaporean show with Jeanette Aw in it!). Seriously, the filmed the whole show along that street! And the house used was actually a hotel. My mum stayed there before.

With help from the GPS (thank God for the GPS!!), we finally reached our destination.

Holiday Inn Hotel.

Our room overlooks the sea! :mGelak:Pretty cool!

After resting a bit, my family went swimming and I stayed in the room watching some programme about 2010 movies on MTV :) Yay.
And we had 2 hours free internet! YAYY! :pandaGeli_05: Luckily, my brother bought the laptop. They're so kind to give us 2 hours of internet for free :) But, cautiously keeping track of how long we used the internet for to avoid over-use was quite annoying though.

At night, we ate satay celup! We had a hard time looking for the satay celup restaurant we always ate at ... so we settled with eating at a new satay celup restaurant.

The food was clearly not as good as the one we frequented.

I was unhappy and unsatisfied :(

But we ate a lot (because we were hungry).

BUT, we still had one more thing we wanted to try. We went round and round, but we finally found the place with no help from the GPS at all. Apparently, the roads changed and my mum didn't update her GPS :mDarah:
I was excited... because YAY THERE'S MORE FOOD! :pandaGeli_14::pandaGeli_33:

According to the internet (which my mum checked with her BB), the Fried Oyster Omelette a.k.a Ho Chian is very well-known here.

Gosh, there were SO many people waiting. We waited for 3o minutes till we finally got our ho chian!

(Picture was taken when there weren't so many people there yet)

We bought two packets! Plus, we also bought "Lin Chi Kang" for dessert.

We quickly went back to the hotel and opened up the thing. The smell of the ho chian was intoxicating. It looked so good.

And in my opinion.. it wasn't really good. It's overrated (no offense)! I was hoping there would be a generous amount of oysters... but I got let down. There were very little oysters. It tasted like normal egg omelette. The chili sauce was very helpful though, because it added flavour to the omelette.

So I was complaining all night. This was supposedly very famous and delicious in the whole of Malacca?? THIS was what I waited for, for 30 minutes (or more)? :pandaGeli_22:

Man, you guys should come to KL and try the ho chian in Yulek. SO much more yummier.

Later on, my mum and I went to the bar downstairs to get some drinks. But because it was so late and the bar was about to close, we only managed to order 2 drinks (otherwise, we would have ordered another margarita!)

Ordered Long Island Tea (photo) and fruit punch.

My face was as red as a tomato. I LOOKED drunk, but I was actually sober. Felt heat creep up my face, but my ability to think sanely was there.

As you can see, I had my iPod Touch in the picture above and there was internet (the free 2 hours), so I did what I did best. Tweeting.

Yes, I'm a Twitter junkie *rolls eyes*


Woke up in the comfort and softness of the pillows and blankets... I was the only one in the room because my family went down to eat breakfast. I didn't go because only 3 could go and I couldn't eat much breakfast anyways so I decided to sleep in. But they managed to 'bungkus' some croissants, sausages etc for me :)

Enjoyed myself in the sauna and played some ping pong with dad after that.

We checked out of the lovely room an hour later... then we went shopping at Dataran Pahlawan. I bought 2 flats and heels! Finally! I don't need to abuse my mum's FitFlops anymore.

Got some Starbucks. First time I tried Java Chip!

Next, we went to Menara Taming Sari.

LOL I kinda forgot the simple detail that I easily got motion sickness. And the thing was spinning (slowly)! I felt like I was going to puke but I didn't, of course. I even managed to take a few pictures from the high vantage point.

Didn't get to visit this...

Okay, you have reached the end of my Malacca post. Till next time :)

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