Saturday, January 29, 2011

Here's what I've been up to:

I can't watch TV anymore because my brother, dad and grandma hog the TV ALL day long, 24/7. So I migrated to the upper floor of my house. My bedroom is now my whole house:

Chinese New Year is just around the corner!! I'm going to balik kampung... balik my REAL kampung - China!

My hamster escaped from its cage (it bit my foot!), and we (when I mean we.. I mean my brother only and dad only :P) set up a trap. Food and water. I don't know how they caught it in the end. Every attempt of catching it was a failure because the hamster can really run. But it's back in its cage now :)

I've been learning how to do GIFs. It's quite troublesome... but the result is cool.

And btw, can you believe my blog is around 3 1/2 half years old?? :)

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