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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The ones I'm currently hooked on to now is Glee, Grey's Anatomy, House and Modern Family :)! They're all really good shows, always keep me wanting more after each episode.
However, there are other great shows which I am not hooked on to YET because I haven't really fully watched them. But, I'm looking forward to getting hooked soon ;)

Warning: Image-heavy! A lot of pictures here.

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The Big Bang Theory

I know lah, once you K pop fans saw 'Big bang' you probably immediately thought of the Korean boy band 'Big Bang', right ;)?
Anyways, it's a funny funny show. And the best thing is, you actually CAN learn a thing or two from watching TV (by watching this show). So if you're watching The Big Bang Theory, the next time your mum tells you to stop watching TV/playing the computer, tell her you're watching a semi-educational TV show. No guarantees! And don't tell her I said that.
Do you know what 'the Doppler effect' is? No? Well me too, until I watched BBT! Well I don't exactly understand it, but I know it :D


Sheldon Cooper. He's kinda insensitive and always barking sarcastic bombastic remarks at everyone (especially Penny which most of the time she doesn't understand). He is hilarious. He's always bickering with Leslie Winkle and their conversations are funny!

Howard Wolowitz is this hamsap (but smart) freak XD He kinda reminds me of Barney from How I Met Your Mother.

Off-screen pics! Okay, the 2nd one is very disturbing, but funny.


I don't think anyone ever hates Glee (except for Christopher. But he's just saying that because he tries to diss and mock everything I like). It's similar to Grease and HSM. Ooh, but I love the variety of songs they sing! From oldies to rock to ballads... and oh boy, the cast can really sing! Glee is so lucky to have such talented actors/singers. Amazing!
It seems like everyone LOVES Glee. But I kinda admit, it's a bit too over-hyped. It's everywhere! In the radio, on TV (well, duh), in magazines etc... Glee is SO huge, they have Glee flash mobs around the world and Glee concert world tours o.O Wow.


Well I didn't really like the pre-pregnant Quinn Fabray, I'm liking the currently-pregnant Quinn. She's softer and more gentle. I pitied her when I watched "Bad Reputation"
She stands out from everyone, in my opinion. But I find it a bit unrealistic for her to dance and jump around PREGNANT XD

Who doesn't like Kurt Hummel? He's an underdog with an incredible voice! He performs like a Broadway singer. The emotions, the expressions, the body language... he's really good.

Brittany is one of my faves too. Although she can be a bit naive and dumb (sorry, I can't find another word to replace dumb) sometimes, but she's a great dancer. I always like to watch her dance!

Grey's Anatomy

I like this show on and off. I loved Season 1, hated Season 2, Season 3 was okay, hated Season 4, love Season 5, and lastly I loved and hated Season 6 at the same time. Season 6 finale was the best finale ever though! Wrote about it here.

Season 6 finale recap fanvids on Youtube. I had a tear at the edge of my eye when I finished watching these :')


Cristina and Owen! They're both my favourite characters and favourite couple.

Cristina Yang can be offensive and insensitive most of the time sometimes, but that just makes her so much more enjoyable to watch. She's hardcore and also has a good sense of humour when it comes to sarcasm. (She's like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory)
Owen Hunt suffers from PTSD (search that up on google yourself), but he's seeking therapy and is getting better. However, he's an awesome, badass (thus, the general nickname, McBadass) trauma attending. He's a bit audacious sometimes. But he seems like the sweetest guy ever when he's around Cristina.
Arizona Robbins always reminds me of Izzie, but in a less annoying way. She’s a youthful, bubbly, perky pediatrics attending! You can say that she’s like a breath of fresh air in SGH. I don’t think there’s anything I don’t like about her (yet)! And I love Arizona+Callie together too.

Other than them, I like Bailey, George, Meredith, Derek (Patrick Dempsey in real life is such a comedian), Callie, Lexie and Mark (only sometimes). Almost all the characters are pretty likable! So I pretty much like almost all of them (except Burke, Hahn and the Mercy West-ers).
All in all, I'm definitely looking forward to Season 7 in September! Bring it on, Shonda. So many things in my Season 7 wishlist right now.. xD

[Ok... I'm getting very tired so I'm gonna cut down on the description of characters and series...]

Gossip Girl


Dan Humphrey and Serena Van der Woodsen :) Favourite couple and characters!

How I Met Your Mother

And another great comedy (I love comedies)!


Robin! Lol, this picture was her when she was a famous Canadian pop star. "Let's go to the mall" :P

Barney Stinson. As I have said, Barney reminds me of Howard from The Big Bang Theory. Hamsap womanizer :P


Another thrilling medical series!


I watch House for House!

Modern Family

Most favourite comedy show ever! :D


Phil Dunphy. This dude is seriously hilarious. He tries to be a good, 'cool' father to his kids which makes him very funny to watch.

Manny Delgado. The highly mature, smart, little know-it-all XD He acts like a mature adult and gives advice to adults.

Pushing Daisies

Aww, the show only lasted for 2 seasons :'( It was a good (but weird) show! It has a very interesting storyline and I like watching series involving solving mysterious cases. It's really too bad they cut the show off. Argh!


Olive Snook. Once again, another hilarious character. She has a little crush on Ned :P Sometimes she sings in the show, which is a real treat for the audience because Kristin Chenoweth is a really good singer.

Charlotte "Chuck" Charles. She's really sweet. Ned and her make a nice pair!

So there you go! A lot huh?
I'm currently into American series because the current Asian series aren't attracting me right now. Maybe except for The Mysteries of Love (featuring FungYi)!

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