Mamak Household #2, 2nd generation.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Their house :D!

Naan has been working on her writing skill and has produced several best-sellers such as, the non-fiction novel "The Science of Naan" and her latest mystery novel, "Naan, She Cried".

Tandoori has been trying to get the Grand Master rank in SimFu by competing in a lot of ranked sparring competitions but had no time to go back to China.

JICYDK, Curry's a snob.

After all the hard work and effort, Roti Mamak is a sports legend and has a lot of fans =)

Although he's busy with exercising and showing off his muscles, he is interested in learning how to cook!

Oooo, look at those abs :D

Well, other than that, he impregnated Curry D:

And so, illegitimate son #1 Nasi, was born.

AND THEN, he impregnated her yet again, and #2 illegitimate son, Maggi was born.

But he loves them oh so much!

No one escapes death and aging (unless you use a cheat), not even in Sims 3. Roti has aged to become an elder, while Curry was still an adult. He was worried that his wife would fall out of love with him so he decided to propose to her. He didn't get to propose to her earlier because he was so busy with his career! Fortunately, Curry said the magic word, "yes".
They had a private wedding at home with their housemates and loved ones.

As time passes by, a lot of things have happened in the household, including growth of the two youngest, Nasi and Maggi.

Nasi's ambition is to become a world-renown surgeon. He's a genius and is a computer expert! Moreover, he's a ladies' man :)

Maggi is a party animal and wishes to become a 5-star chef!

Soon, Nasi becomes a young adult and decides to move out of the house to ease the burden of both his parents. Maggi, moves out with his brother as well.

Once Nasi bought and moved in to his new house, he works on his ambition by applying for a job at the Sacred Spleen Hospital as an Organ Donor (who starts out to become a doctor as an organ donor o.O?!). Then he advances to become a bedpan cleaner, then paramedic, followed by medical intern, resident, trauma surgeon (LOL, Owen Hunt from GA!), gene therapist.. and is now an Infectious Disease Researcher (notice his different uniforms in the pictures?)! Honestly, all this reminds me of Grey's Anatomy :P

Oyea, caught my maid playing my laptop. Unless, she's 'cleaning' the laptop as well o.O

Nasi married Stacie Alto from the Alto household! Sorry, don't have a screencap for that.

Stacie gave birth to Tosai (girl) and Laksa (boy). Ok, that watermelon cheat didn't work for Laksa o.O Apparently, eating watermelons while the mother is pregnant will increase the chance of bearing a girl. It worked with Tosai, but when I asked Nasi to 'determine the baby's gender' (benefits of being in the medical career) while Stacie was still pregnant with Laksa, it was a boy o.O I ate 3 watermelons!

After all the nights where Curry woke up to the piercing cries of babies and toddlers.. teaching them how to walk and talk, potty training them, taking care of their needs... it was all worth it.
Nasi and Maggi still find time to invite their parents to their house to have a chat and ask them about their day.

Honestly when I moved Nasi and Maggi out of the house, I felt so guilty because I'm like, abandoning Curry, Roti, Naan and Tandoori. I have a feeling Roti's gonna die of old age anytime. Curry will be mourning for him and she will be a widow... I have spent so much time on all their careers, and they have achieved their lifetime wishes (except for Tandoori). Now, they're all about to die. :(

This is part 2 of The Sims 3: World Adventures - Mamak Household

Ok, on to the 3rd generation :)

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