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Sunday, March 28, 2010

I got a new DSLR! Canon EOS 550D/T2i Rebel.
So my dilemma is solved.

First few pictures taken with it:

It's cool, except for the fact that the smallest picture size is 2593x1278. SO BIG, cannot take many pictures and it'll give me a hard time when uploading pictures.
And for every good thing, comes a price. My price is I have to get really good results for my next exam, MID-YEAR. Lol, not good at all, especially when you're in 4 Science 1 o.O

I surprisingly, aced my new subjects in 1st monthly exam, Add-Maths and the 3 Science subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).
Physics was a total shocker. I would seriously have thought of getting C or at least B. I left one section entirely blank (cause I didn't know how to solve it) and I tembak quite a number of questions.When teacher called my name and announced my Physics marks, it was unbelievable, I was speechless and surprised. My mouth hung wide open...
Chemistry and Bio, I wasn't as worried. But I still was! Lol, as expected, I lost a lot of marks for the mathematical questions in Chemistry, You see, MATH again.
Mathematics oh my gosh, I got a B. Seriously, when I grow up, no way am I getting a job related to Math.

I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do in the future, specifically on my ambition.
Did you know, when I was young, I wanted to become a policewoman? HAHAHAH, of all jobs... but that was when I was young and had a raw mind.
Now I've got so many things I want to do, I cannot choose. My indecisive and picky behaviour definitely will not help at all.

A few of the many:

Something related to medical (Paedriatician, trauma surgeon etc...)
I like children! It would be nice to see them happy.
I'm not gonna be those doctors that set up clinics though, I dislike clinics. They look boring. Hospitals are where the real action is.
No pharmacy for me.

Forensic Scientist
This looks so cool, but my Chemistry is not very good so this may not be an ideal job for me.

Cuting up dead bodies looks fun!

I like learning about human behaviour. Very interesting... but so many people are taking up psychology :(

Not sure which branch though. There's journalism etc... But no way I'm becoming a news broadcaster or anything that requires me to be on TV. I'm camera-shy! I'd rather work behind the stage like as an executive producer or something like that.. a job that requires me to socialize, like Katherine Heighl in The Ugly Truth :P

Something related to technology (Software engineer, programmer, etc...)
This is the last on my list because everyone is venturing into IT recently and there will be no jobs for me left probably.
NO designing jobs for me. I'm not creative at all.

You may say I'm still too young to think about what I want to become in the future, but it won't hurt to identify it early and do some research.

Lol, will you help me choose? (:

Watched Alice in Wonderland on Saturday night. It was enjoyable, but not to the extend where I'm a fan. Though I'm a fan of Anne Hathaway (liked her since Princess Diaries!) and I have to say, she looks amazing in the movie. I applaud Johnny Depp for his performance, but sometimes his appearance as the Mad Hatter creeps me out!

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