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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hi all!!! I know, it's been a long time. Not like anyone is reading or waiting for me to post anything but hello vast internet space, how ya doing?

If you remember, I broke my ankle a little more than a year ago. Shit got real - I couldn't walk for months, went for grueling course of physiotherapy and I just had all my ankle's screws and plate fully taken out few weeks ago. Definitely don't miss those times.

Now I'm back baby, however not in full force because I have screwholes in my bones and I can't run/jump for half a year but hey, at least this time I can walk. I had Ellie Goulding serenading me to anesthesia-induced sleep in the O.R with "Love Me Like You Do". I felt light headed and like the last time, BAM fell asleep. Woke up horribly nauseated unlike the last time where I felt like I woke up from a fulfilling sleep, but this one felt more like a extremely horrible hangover (would be the first I've ever had).

Also in less than a month, I will be embarking on a new chapter of my life: AUSTRALIA. So I'm getting ready to head off to the land down under, filled with extremely good-looking/fit people and mysterious cringe-worthy insects - both of which I'm intimidated by.

Also had a catch-up with some ex-uni mates after a long time recuperating at the hospital and at home. And I'm so impressed by the the photography opportunities at PULP by Papa Pahelta (Bangsar). The most important thing in photography to me is the lighting. Without good lighting your pictures will suck. Sure, editing can save it but it will never reach the full potential good lighting can bring to a photo. And what better lighting than natural light from the sun y'all. Now count how many times I mentioned the word 'lighting'.

One thing I disliked was that in spite of the large space they had, there was still lack of seats. Also, they need blinds for one of their big windows. At this time of the year, the sun is out to play and it is just too glaring and hot to sit at that location (and we couldn't move because of lack of space!)

Nitro coffee. First few sips in, surprisingly light unlike Bean Reserve's.

Very rich and decadent chocolate truffle cake. Very pretty but not the best chocolate cake around. 

Impressive latte art on hot chocolate.

This is the Hartmann Lot 22. She's smooth.

Not my salad.

Smell y'all later.

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