In denial

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How do you know you're getting old? Go to an Ed Sheeran concert and you'll find out lol.

1. When you've only been standing an hour and your legs are feeling tired already (also because I'm recovering from a broken ankle). You used to be able to stand for longer hours!

2. When people (mostly teenagers) start yelling "We want Ed!" an hour before the concert is supposed to start and you think "Ed's not gonna come out this early for y'all no matter how much you scream". Well I'm gonna save my voice and energy thank you very much.

3. When teenagers scream too loudly and too often (that even ED started shushing us cause the crowd was too noisy, seriously), you roll your eyes. Girls, you don't need to scream every 10 seconds.

4. When you don't exactly relate much to any of the new friends you've made because they're all young teenagers (maybe except our taste in books), and you end up giving them somewhat motherly advice. Ew.

5. When everyone in the concert you go to is under 20, and are shocked to hear you're 21. Like that extra year makes a whole lot of difference. That notion stays with you the rest of the concert/night.

6. When you're thinking "Kids these days..."

I'm technically 20 plus (I'm in denial), but I'm 1 month away from crossing over to the land of adulthood. I personally am not looking forward to being one. I've seen how it is and dipped my toe into the waters, but yeah it's not me for me, thanks lol.

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