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Thursday, November 20, 2014

I feel soooo bad. I screwed up badly at work with one customer and I think she pretty much hates my guts.

Man I hope I never have to do anything with her again :/

So she asked for an iPad, and she was indecisive on whether to get the iPad Air or iPad Mini 2. She asked me if there was available stock and I checked and said yes! Thing is, I don't remember if she ever did ask me which storage space she wanted. But I would have asked her anyway to make sure and I somehow remember her asking for the 16GB, and I checked and there was stock. She decides to come back later. Let's call her E.

Fast forward an hour later, tons of customers were swarming around us trying to get their hands on their new Apple devices. It was like all of a sudden everyone wanted to get something AT THE SAME TIME and we only had 2 people around to help them.

So of course with my luck, previously mentioned lady E came back to get her iPad with heavy bags after shopping at the supermarket. I was already ambushed by 3 boisterous loud customers from China desperately asking me about the iPhone 6 because they wanted to get it. E then asked me for the iPad Mini 2 she asked for earlier. I was too busy to even talk to her right then. And I was struggling with communicating with the customers from China and I was the only Chinese there and they could only speak Chinese! I really honestly thought she was the mother of another customer who was there buying the same dang thing so I left her alone because well her so called 'daughter' was already getting it. So after the customer left, she was still there. The next thing I did was my fault, and I'm not denying it: I forgot about her and didn't notice her there. When I finally finished attending to the rest of the customers, she came to me and asked me if I was gonna serve her and if her iPad was available and walked away pissed. I called her back, told her of course and I'm going to attend to her right now.

Took out a 16GB Silver one. Got her details and card. Swiped her card. She asked me if that really is the one she asked for (thank God she asked that though). Well, turns out she wanted 32GB. Fine. Went to the cupboard to get a new one. BUT OF COURSE, THERE IS NO MORE 32GB. OF COURSE MY LIFE SUCKS. At this point, I was just thinking FML FML FML. She's already 150% pissed. But anyways, I had to break it to her. Of course she was freaking angry. She didn't chew my head off in front of everyone (thank God), but her facial expression told me enough :/ Refunded her money, and she just walked away.  I MISLED HER... I'M SORRY LADY. Thank God my supervisor didn't kill me for that. It was either she didn't know what was going on, or she was really nice lol.

So I feel extremely guilty because:
1. She hates me.
2. Who knows who she'll tell this unfortunate story to and how vastly it'll spread and WHO WILL WANT TO GET THEIR STUFF HERE ANYMORE. Learned in ITC class, that a dissatisfied customer can affect 7 other potential customers. Lovely.
3. She was carrying what looked like the heaviest shopping bags and she waited so long :(
4. She looked like she really gave a lot of thought into  which iPad she wanted to buy and needed it.
5. I wasted her time.
6. I lost a potential customer.

Sigh this hit me hard because it's kinda in my nature to feel and think so deeply about failure and things that don't work out. So I had to vent it out here. But I also do realize that as humans we all make mistakes that are painfully irreversible. The most important thing is that we learn from them. I am a strong believer of experiences - whether bad or good - can teach us a lot of things. And next time, we work harder and try not to do it again (this doesn't apply to me when it comes to exams I never seem to learn to not procrastinate).

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