I have a 7 year old!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

That's right guys. I have a 7 year old. One that I have nurtured, given makeovers several times in the past 7 years, and poured out knowledge and wisdom onto. I was a bad mom even, abandoning it for months because I was lazy.

Yup, it's my blog. This blog's very first post was published on September 19th 2007, 7 years ago. It's surreal!

*Cue majestic fireworks and party poppers*

My blog is as old as the first iPod Classic (which is obsolete at the moment because Apple discontinued the line). My blog in the form of a human, would've started her first year of primary school this year.

 My first post ever was an intro of me.

Hello my name is Carmen Chan. I am a Christian. i have a bible? And.. i'm looking for a new bible cover. which suits my personality of course, but they're dang expensive. I'll still find the time to buy it =). I attend Cheras Baptist Church. A church i have attended every Sunday for the past 13 years! And i'm proud of it. Most of the songs in my mp3 are chrsitian songs sang by chris tomlin, david crowder band and many more! 
hmm...i don't like to pick favourites as friendsI am very passionate about Christianity and errr.... technology? Unfortunately, this blog site don't have smileys. With smileys, you increase your reader's entertainment by 20%! well, if i was the reader, the smileys would make me laugh more when i laugh o.O. OKAY. i'll have to do the manual smileys.
i have a pet dog named Miki. Weird name, yes. But, hello. I like Mickey and Nikki so i jumbled it up together and it became...Miki! haha. well, actually i don't really like Mickey but...nevermind that! i don't like to pick favourites and when i'm captain in my group, I let EVERYONE participate. and when i mean everyone in my group, i mean it. but sometimes when i get too involved, i forget about justice in my group. i eventually invited a girl who no one really wanted in my group and not many people like her. and that means you, Yoong. muahahaha. 
I like Hong Kong TVB dramas. well some of it larh. such as Dance of Passion or The Dance of Passion <3. bubu, boo, kenyola and hula). i had my embarassing moments. and i can't really tell them to you. right now, i mean. maybe next time when i post "Most Embarassing Moments". 
There is more i would like to tell you but i'm afraid i'll make you sleep at the end of my post. is this too long? hehe. it should be. and remember, say NO to smiley-blockage. haha. i didn't mean it. and about the imaginary friends, i don't have any.
Omg, what a mess. Well, I'm still a Christian, and I still attend CBC :) I don't think I ever got that bible cover.  I'm no longer obsessed with HK TVB dramas, something else is now ruining my life *cough*Crowen.More on that next time.*cough*. No idea what bubu, boo, kenyola and hula are. Smileys are still of importance to me lol.

The responsibility of running a consistently updated blog is not easy. I often lack inspiration. I wish I could fart out inspiration every week but I can't. As you grow up, you find that you can't really post everything you want in your blog. There are limits, and things you just don't want to share publicly. And there are standards. I cringe looking back at my old posts.

Change is also part of the process. I was naive, a bit too bubbly and just so unaware of what life would throw at me in the future. So optimistic and happy-go-lucky. Ah, good times.

But some things stay the same. I am deeply emotional, more of a curse than a blessing in my opinion. I am still indecisive, something I'm not sure I can ever change even if I wanted to lol. I'm also still a fangirl. Once a fangirl, always a fangirl. Huh 7 years later, I still obsess about things.

What a trip life has been. It's crazy how much can happen and how much you can feel in 7 years. I feel like I've endured enough emotional exhaustion for a lifetime (and there is more to come)! Also, I just reached the big 20. Life has only just begun for me. And here I am, complaining about what I've gone through, when I'm merely scratching the surface. There's more waiting for me out there, CARPE DIEMMMMM.

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