MUN Day 2+3 and... updates?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Well well well. I promised a post about my 2nd and 3rd day of MUN 2 months ago. If you know me well enough, you wouldn't have expected me to write it soon after I finished that post. But then again, I'm talking to a theoretical and imaginary crowd of readers most of the time because I swear no one is reading my blog. All I post is crap. If I were someone else, I wouldn't read my blog. I guess I'm mainly writing for myself lol.

About my MUN experience, 2nd and 3rd days were less intimidating than the 1st because I got the hang of the protocols and formats. I was definitely experiencing some MUN culture shock, because we all have to speak in 3rd person. It was difficult because.... who speaks in 3rd person in real life lol. I kept saying 'I' or 'you' instead of 'The delegate of Bolivia' etc... it was cool though. I felt very professional, it's not something you get to do outside MUN because people would be looking at you crazy.

On the 3rd day our group had to present our foolproof resolution about implementing renewable energy solutions. Or so we thought. Turns out it wasn't foolproof. I should've known. We were rushing and we were all inexperienced MUN delegates who knew nothing about what we were doing. So our resolution was rejected because there were too many flaws. Oh well. I guess I had a good time making it with the others though. And I was a beginner, a newbie. This was to be expected.

Anyways, MUN was definitely something out of my comfort zone because I'm always so shy when it comes to talking in front of people or public speaking. But, it was a valuable experience and I appreciated what I got to learn from MUN. The most valuable thing to come out from MUN though, was the people I met. The ECOSOC council was just great. We were peaceful, not exactly looking for conflict unlike the Human Right Council or the Security Council. Well, mainly because we weren't allowed to start a war in our council. And yes, we can actually start wars in MUN! How cool was that. And the people in that council were witty, intelligent and friendly. They're all so sophisticated I wouldn't have known they were 16 year olds. It's so funny because when we have unmoderated caucuses which are basically breaks, everyone is so funny, goofy and joking around. But during the debates, everyone is so mature, worldly and eloquent. Ah, I miss them.

Updates on my life... all I did for the previous holidays was laze around in my natural habitat a.k.a my bed and watched movies/shows like a hobo. It was great. Sure, it wasn't productive at all and I was wasting time but that's me lol. Also went for church camp and that was awesome! Travelled to Sydney again with the bro and mom. Too lazy to recount about our trip but suffice to say, it was a good trip. It was spontaneous but it worked.

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