Beautiful creation of God - Cameron Highlands.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our home fellowship group + pastor's family went to CAMERON HIGHLANDS!
A cold place, but full of warmth as well (hopefully you got the point :S).
Ate lots of corn (i'm starting to like corn :P), strawberries (PRESERVED) and vegetables.

It was also Gareth's birthday!

Yummy mango-flavoured cake from Secret Recipe.

The beautiful bungalow (looks more like a cottage) we lived in:

Breath-taking scenery:

The two loyal security guards (the dogs):

Then we stayed at Ipoh for a night, met up with awesome cousins for dinner!

Muahahaha I got a picture of you couzzieee!

I'm out of time and I really need to finish this catan for Seni. Won't be able to post for a looong time, because of year-end exams (20th Oct). Pray for me that whatever I have revised, sticks in my head, cause it's all just disappearing now :]

Soo... goodbye, Adéu, sayonara, sampai jumpa lagi, God þē mid sīe, Au revoir, 再見.. aiya that's all I can think of right now.

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