Making Candy Sushi

Saturday, January 17, 2015

You might've heard of Kracie's Popin' Cookin DIY candy sets. I was watching Youtube videos of how they made the candy sushi, burgers, ramen and all kinds of interesting stuff. Here's HowToCookThat trying the different popin cookin sets:

It looked pretty fun to make! So I decided to try it out myself. It is not easy to find these Popin Cookin' sets here in Malaysia. I read that they used to sell it in Japanese fairs in Isetan but that was years ago. Besides, I can't look for them in malls anyways thanks to my broken ankle. So I bought mine from Japanese DIY Kits based in Singapore, and got them delivered to my front door. It took awhile, and I was worried my package was lost on the way, but in the end I got it!

The whole box is in Japanese, but even without a single piece of knowledge of the Japanese language, you can still make out what you're suppose to do and which powder belongs to which box thanks to the graphics. They're fairly simple to make. Put in the appropriate amount of water, put in the powder, mix, wait to harden if needed, and assemble.

Besides everything provided in the box, you have to get scissors and a cup of water. Inside the box is colourful packets filled with candy powder. Keep the plastic because you can use that as display. Besides the powder, it also comes with this suction-water thingy, which proves to be very useful when it comes to more accurate, controlled measurements.

For instructions, look at the back of the box, or search up the many Youtube video tutorials available. More importantly, improvisation is needed because sometimes I feel like the water level indicated is not enough because there's so much powder so I add more water. It turned out fine! Things may look very watery for awhile, but it'll harden and turn to jelly.

There are also measurements like how long the 'seaweed' (which is actually sugus-like candy) and how big the rice should be. I was overzealous and pulled my seaweed candy too long, leading to it almost tearing. Don't do that.

Look at the cute balls of rice! I love the detailed ridges of the 'egg' and 'tuna' slices.

The coolest of them all however, was the fish roe. Apparently, the orange liquid is made of some kind of jelling agent and it solidifies and becomes gelatinous in the presence of the clear liquid in the box above it (because it contains calcium).

Excuse the portrait orientation of the video. I don't even know why I filmed it in portrait, what a rookie mistake.

So this is the end result:

I started out making these wanting them to look perfect. I think I'm proud of it (except or the seaweed)! They all taste like grape-flavoured candy/bubblegum. And if you don't mix well, you would probably get a taste of the grainy texture from the unmixed powder. The roe is my favourite. The rest like the 'tuna', 'egg' and the rice taste just okay, after a few bites I felt sated and didn't want to eat anymore.

I think if I wanted to try another Popin Cookin' set, I would try the hamburger one because it looks interesting as I hear it's savoury (but doesn't taste so good). And who wouldn't like miniature hamburgers?!

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