God's Big Easter Bash

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The service started with the dominating roar of a trumpet, played by none other than Shon Sern. And that was kind of how the day's festivities started and ended: God was dominating every second of it. Both members and newcomers were there to celebrate the remembrance of Jesus Christ's resurrection, or more commonly known to certain people as Easter Day.

But before that, rewinding back to 9am in the morning, children (and the adults present with the spirit of a child) were seen scurrying around, searching for hidden eggs as the first task of our Sunday School Easter activity this year, "The Traditions of Easter". I then told them about what other people around the world did with Easter eggs and where the idea of it originated from. Easter eggs brought the meaning of new life, just as how Jesus experienced new life as he was risen from the dead. Did you know, that there is a tree in Saalfeld, Germany (which would look very much like a tree with lights) where hollow Easter eggs decorated with bright colours, were hung high up on the tree? But the Americans (egg)roll a different way. They chase after eggs rolled down (a hill) with wooden spoons as a form of entertainment during Easter.

After that the children proceeded to the next station where they learned what Lent was all about. Then, they went for a 'tour' around the church holding cardboard crosses, as a mild representation of how some Christians re-enact the crucifixion of Jesus at Jerusalem, by walking on the road of 'Via Dolorosa' . This led them back into the church for a brief explanation of how WE celebrate Easter in Cheras Baptist Church, with things like baptism and the Lord's supper.

Back to the service, Pastor Daryl kicked off the service with 'Crown Him With Many Crowns' and 'I Serve A Risen Saviour', perfect and befitting for the theme of the event; followed by an adorable (but meaningful, of course) performance by the Eaglets, who never fails to make us go "awwwww" (personally, the boy who yelled HALLELUJAH made me awww the most). The Chinese Choir sung their serenade to the Lord, where the song was about how His grace touched our hearts and lives deeply and He truly has. The English Choir comprising of members with varying ages and races, boasts of the diversity of cultures and talents in our church. They presented a song which mentions both eagles (Eaglets) and it's wings (WinGS) 'I Will Rise', and with Pastor Daryl and Aunty Judith's constant guidance and leadership, they gave a really great and solid performance.

Then came the youth's Easter skit. I'll talk a bit more about this because I was involved in it. We've had only one practice with our complete cast. But yet they have managed to pull off a pretty stunning performance in spite of limited practice time (in my opinion). Although the skit did not have any verbal aspect to it, the skit itself spoke volumes of how vast our God's love is for us, how salvation comes from Him and only Him. We can only hope that this skit touched hearts (and maybe some repentant tears where shed :)). Watch it below!

Also, not forgetting a certain newborn who is gorgeous like her parents Christoper and Stephanie Lee... Anna Lee! She was dedicated to the Lord on that joyous day, and everyone in the congregation shared her parents' joy of seeing a beautiful baby girl who will one day glorify and love the Lord with her own set of talents. And of course, Pastor Kenneth Lee's message about miracles left me (and hopefully everyone) reflecting on my life, at how God has been so good to me, and sometimes I don't thank and credit God enough for His miracles. But I am willing to change!

The fact that God has blessed us tremendously whether in the form of miracles or divine intervention, is further made concrete by Uncle Teh, Uncle Phillip Phuah and Nicole Lee's recounts and testimonials of God's abounding grace and forgiveness. They have each gone through their respective medical issues, being struck by cancer, dengue and spinal problems, but have come out of it unscathed with the mercy of God. Now that is truly a miracle. Aunty Ai Kuen, Uncle Chee Wey's and their children joining our big church family was also a big highlight!

One of the biggest highlights though, is the baptism. 4 of them: Jun Kit, Gareth, Tommy and Kelvin (if I may call him that) have finally taken a step forward in their faith by proclaiming to the world of their love for God. And for that, we are genuinely very happy for them! It is indeed a joy to see how the four of them have stepped up and decided to take a stand for their faith in front of their family and friends.

Photo credits to Lydia Lee
Last but not least, a big pot-bless feast was held at the courtyard! This was my favourite part and I could recall this part very vividly *wink*. The food brought and cooked with love by kind members, were absolutely scrumptious. There was a variety of food, from pasta to pastries, and even pancakes! I was also amazed by how beautifully decorated Aunty Stephanie Sim's cake was with mini bunnies and jelly beans, and I'm sure everyone thought the same. Not only was the cake so pretty, it tasted heavenly too. A layer of green tea cake smothered with mint icing (MINT! How genius is that?), mushed together with chocolate cake at the top and bottom, topped off with another smothering of mint icing. Best. cake. ever!

As a firm participant of our big Easter bash for God (I was in charge of the easter eggs station for 'Traditions of Easter' and the pianist for the service), I can say that I am grateful to be involved in the church's Easter celebration. And I'm even more grateful to be involved in the greater scheme of things, as a child of God and to be able to celebrate how powerful, and how amazing our God is as He sent His only son Jesus Christ to bear the suffering on our behalf, die on the cross for our sins, and rose from the grave. That is the biggest miracle.

Can't wait for next year's! ;)

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