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Friday, July 15, 2011

I am Second is a movement meant to inspire people of all kinds to live for God and for others. Actors. Athletes. Musicians. Business leaders. Drug addicts. Your next-door neighbor. People like you. The authentic stories on iamsecond.com provide insight into dealing with typical struggles of everyday living. These are stories that give hope to the lonely and the hurting, help from destructive lifestyles, and inspiration to the unfulfilled. You’ll discover people who’ve tried to go it alone and have failed. Find the hope, peace, and fulfillment they found. Be Second.

I was watching Just Go With It (the movie starring Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler), and there was this really cute kid who played Jennifer's daughter in the movie. I searched her up, her name's Bailee Madison. From her Wiki page, I found a movement called "I Am Second". And through that movement, I watched some videos about actors, singers and other people confessing their faith, putting Christ first and themselves second.

Here are a few testimonials from some notable people in the entertainment industry, including little adorable Bailee :D

I am just so impressed with her spiritual confidence and her love for God. She's only 12!

Jason Castro! (I think everyone knows him, right?)

Stephen Baldwin. He starred in the 2000 Flinstone's movie, fyi. He's Alec Baldwin's brother.

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