Taekwondo Black Belt Exam

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yes, I have FINALLY taken my black belt exam. I've been doing Taekwondo since I was Standard 3 (9 years old) and I'm currently Form 5. Man, I'm slow.

First surprise:
I had to spar with four people. FOUR. FOUR. FOUR!
That's not normal. Vivien sparred with two and Feli sparred with one when they took their black belt exam. Colin and Eddy sparred with 3 people (granted, they're boys). So I thought, worst comes to worst... I would have to spar with three. But I sparred with FOUR, because they didn't have enough pairs to spar with. Do you know how tired I was?? I think that definitely affected my performance after that!

And I ended up totally bruised.

Yeah you can't really see that clearly because of the low lighting and horrible quality of the picture (and my leg hair). It's not only that leg. Other leg, hands, body... ouch. My whole body feels so sore and fatigued. I wish I didn't need to go to school tomorrow because I feel tired and in pain, but my mother didn't allow me to skip school :pandaGeli_21:.

Second surprise:
I could break wood! All four of them! FOUR. FOUR. FOUR!
This is a VERY pleasant surprise because I thought I'd never be able to break the wood. During practice, I tried many many times on the SAME block of wood and I still can't break it. I almost cried, seriously. But thank God I could break all four of them during the exam! With elbow, hand, backthrust and side kick :) Hooray!

My beloved broken wood <3 Yup, they let us take our broken wood back. If I could hang it on a wall, I would.

My secret?
Just be really really really angry at the wood even if it's an inanimate object. Lol, I cursed the wood in my head. I was so angry with it, I released all my anger on it. And it broke :)

So proud of myself.

Third surprise:
I had to stay there for like 4 and a half hours. Man, I wasn't expecting it to be that long.

Haha, and when the examiner asked all the red belts and Dan 1 to gather and sit down, I thought I was gonna get my results right there and then!! But he gave a really long speech about continuing our Taekwondo journey and applying Taekwondo in real life situations etc etc. Cheh! :pandaGeli_02: Well but I'm gonna know it very soon which is on Friday, not like piano exams where they let you know your results a few months later...

Here are some photos :mCamera: to let you see how a Taekwondo exam looks like:

The Dan 1s breaking their wood with their super cool moves.

Venukumar breaking his wood. The guy's good.

Eddy doing a double kick to break the wood!!

Felicity (Came to help Master [and me], but didn't in the end :P Well, at least she was there to give me moral support. Thanks Feli.) and Rosalyn (She is awesome. She was required to break wood, but Master didn't tell her. She didn't practice AT ALL. So she got so angry, she broke all the wood. HAHA girl, you rock.)

Lol yeah that's it.
I was too occupied with my own exam so I didn't take other photos.

All in all, I guess I'm kinda confident that I will pass (Wow, first time). I don't know... I think I tried my best, I literally beat the rest (as in sparring, not performance wise :P), my taegeuk was okay, I broke all my four blocks of wood, I sparred like a mad ganas girl... I should be able to pass :)

Me thinking I might pass doesn't mean you guys shouldn't need to pray for me. Pray that I WILL pass. Lol.

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